WOW still good?

WoW – world of warcraft – if you dont know what is game about i will write full step by step tutorial what is it, how is it, when is it.

When you register with world of warcraft, you need create your character, with wich you will play all the time in the wow and choose some other details like race and class.

Wow game is simple to play, its few buttons required and mouse. World of warcraft have very good, fast camera and game is light so with any internets slow or fast you can play with good speed.

In-game you need start, track, turn quest, you need get resources and much much more. Game is easy understand and play, it must be good for everyone at start, and im sure you come back next day to play wow. If you need any help you can come instant to word of warcraft official page, or you can go to wowhead – this site about whole wow game, where you find huge list of download, tutorials, guides and more.



Wowhead site about world of warcraft

wowhead site is World of Warcraft (short name WOW) game place for players. Wowhead was launched December of 2005 and quickly start be very popular in United States, then in Russia, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark.

Wowhead website was created with one idea: providing World of Warcraft players with tools, items, characters and all about wow – to make wow game and gameplay better and fun for players and gamers.

Wowhead have very strong and one of the biggest community about 20 000 000 users come to this site every month. If you play world of warcraft with this community you will find everything what you need like: uploads from the Wowhead Client, a lot of comments in the forum where users can ask questions and get answers fast, a lot of quality guides, tips, tricks and more! Wowhead its like one big family from world of warcraft. Without these users generated stuff, you will find all official news, updates and everything what you need know about WOW.