Best torrent sites for series and movies

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Today we will try write post about germany and spain. Not about beatiful countries, but about torrents and where to watch or download movies, tv shows or series.


Where to watch movies for germany

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If you want watch or stream films in germany, you must have some ip bypasser, i mean like vpn, tor browser or proxy working, and working good. If you dont need any problems for sure.

So, its not enough in search enter kinofilme… I think you will find not so good results from huge list of numbers. But we have one, and still best for watch movies and series site: kinofilme site. This most popular, most used and have best quality site in deutsch language and in germany. There is all movies which posible to find in online and stream online.

Kinox kinofilme site have huge community, and you know why? They dont have a lot of ads like pop ups or pop unders, which take more time to close, than movie watching.. 🙂 A lot of new films, a lot of old movies, and good quality. What we need more? I dont know, its enough for me and for germany kino films streamers. 🙂



Where to watch films and series for spanish countries

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Its enough to enter in google this word: mejortorrent and you will find torrent sites. They all is very good quality without any fake files. Yes its for real. Cause spain torrent community is not so big, thats why they got good quality bittorrents. If you want watch here for spain countries series, tv shows, movies and films at mejortorrent series y peliculas. I think you can find here not only spanish language torrents, but torrents and for english. Like everywhere else.

One more very good site for movies and series: zonatorrent series, peliculas. There you can find torrents for download too. You will find a lot of movies, tv shows, series. Sometimes quality is less than mejortorrent, but its good if you not find some movies there.

In spain tor, proxy or vpn not required cause spanish countries not blocking file share, download and torrenting sites. Thats cool. Isnt? 🙂

So thats all for spain and for our post.